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The Top Ten Passports of 2024 – Nomad Index 


In a world where borders are becoming increasingly fluid and global mobility is on the rise, the importance of possessing a powerful passport cannot be overstated. The Nomad Capitalist Passport Index, crafted by tax and immigration experts, has unveiled the most powerful passports for 2024. Nomad’s assessment encompasses five key criteria:

  • Visa-free travel — 50%
  • Taxation policies — 20%
  • Global perception —10%
  • Ability to hold dual citizenship — 10%
  • Personal freedom (freedom of the press, mandatory military service, etc.) — 10%

Here is a list of the top 10 passports for the year:

Switzerland: With exceptional scores across categories such as visa-free travel, taxation laws, and personal freedom, Switzerland topped this year’s ranking.

“The country’s neutrality ensures that Swiss nationals remain some of the most respected travelers in the world, while its dual citizenship laws ensure that expats can access their slice of Swiss Bliss”, the reports said.

Ireland: Climbing to second place, Ireland’s passport retains its allure despite slight changes in taxation policies.

Portugal: Portugal secured third place. Its welcoming atmosphere and visa-free access make it a sought-after destination for expatriates.

Luxembourg: Formerly in the top three, Luxembourg now occupies the fourth spot. According to the Nomad’s assessment, Luxembourg’s reduced score is due to more stringent tax policies for expats.

It offers citizens high levels of freedom and excellent passport perception.

Finland: Sharing fourth place with Luxembourg, Finland’s passport still boasts extensive visa-free travel options despite recent tax policy changes.

United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates slipped from its previous pinnacle to a sixth-place tie.

“This decline is attributed to changes in tax policies that affected domestic and overseas company owners, including residents with foreign company ownership”, the report said.

Nonetheless, the UAE remains a prominent player, offering impressive travel freedoms and a business-friendly environment.

Netherlands: Making its debut in the top ten, the Netherlands ranks highly for ease of travel but faces challenges due to strict dual citizenship laws.

Norway: Another newcomer to the top tier, Norway’s passport is prized for its ease of travel and positive global perception.

Germany: Known as the ‘engine of Europe,’ Germany’s passport bestows high travel freedom. Its economy, in early 2024, became the world’s third-largest overall. Also, the government recently relaxed its previously strict dual citizenship laws. Strict taxation may pose challenges for some, however.

New Zealand: Rounding off the top ten is New Zealand’s passport which offers a blend of personal and travel freedoms. The nation has maintained its appeal among expatriates worldwide.

Notable advancements include Bulgaria’s ascent which was propelled by its imminent inclusion in Europe’s Schengen zone. In just two years, its passport rose from 42nd to 32nd in the index. Hong Kong, on the other hand, descended in the rankings due to evolving geopolitical dynamics. It slipped from 44th place in 2022 to 50th place this year.  Nigeria ranked low, appearing in the bottom twenty of the list. For those seeking to navigate the intricacies of global citizenship, the Nomad’s ranking might serve as a beacon. See the full list here.

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