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Cover image of David Hundeyin's latest book 'Breaking Point'
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“Obenesu Crescent”: An Excerpt From ‘Breaking Point’ by David Hundeyin

It was March 2021 and I was back in Accra, fresh from my Ivorian adventure. Ndi and Ralph had fallen out over something...

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David Hundeyin Releases New Book

Multiple award-winning investigative journalist, David Hundeyin has released a new book titled “Breaking Point: A Journalist’s Quest For Salvation In Nigeria’s Chaos”. The...

Book Review

DE-NIGERIANIZATION The Imperative of Reconditioning. Raphael Adebayo, 2023.

Written By: Amara Ogwuma, Communications Expert, Health and Human Rights Advocate, and Development Professional “De-nigerinization” is a compelling exploration of Nigeria’s history and...