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Teenager Sets Guinness World Record by Singing in 140 Languages


Suchetha Satish, an 18-year-old from Kerala, India, made headlines by setting a Guinness World Record for singing in over 100 languages during the Concert for Climate event in Dubai on November 24, 2023. Her impressive feat of singing in 140 languages for 9 hours earned her the title of the “most languages sung in a concert.”

The number 140 was chosen to symbolize the nations attending the COP 28 summit in Dubai. Ms Satish expressed her joy on Instagram and credited the achievement to “God’s grace.” The Consulate General of India in Dubai congratulated her on Twitter, emphasizing her remarkable accomplishment.

In an interview with DD India News, Ms Satish, who can sing in 150 languages, shared her happiness and feeling blessed to set the new record. Her musical journey, guided by the motto “Music Beyond Borders,” aims to spread awareness about climate preservation. Ms. Satish’s father revealed her method of selecting songs, emphasizing perfect diction and tune despite not knowing the languages.

This achievement builds on her previous records, including singing in 102 languages in 2018 and 120 languages in 2021. Users on social media, including one who praised her as part of a beautiful journey, celebrated Suchetha Satish’s incredible musical accomplishments.

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