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Edo 2024: Deputy Governor Shuaibu Alleges Betrayal By Gov. Obaseki


The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu, has made allegations of betrayal and deception against Governor Godwin Obaseki’s camp.

Appearing on Arise TV’s Morning Show, Shaibu disclosed that his unwavering support for Obaseki’s second-term bid resulted in a shocking realization of being deceived. 

The deputy governor, known for his vocal stance against godfatherism, expressed deep dismay at the apparent turn of events.

“I staked my relationship, sacrificed personal earnings, and contributed extensively to support Governor Obaseki’s bid for a second term. However, I discovered I was duped,” Shaibu lamented, highlighting the sacrifice he made to bolster Obaseki’s candidacy.

Shaibu accused the governor of aligning with another gubernatorial aspirant, purportedly endorsing Asue Ighodalo, a former Sterling Bank chairman, casting doubt on his own gubernatorial aspirations to succeed Obaseki. This move, Shaibu asserted, contradicted the principles against oppression that prompted his support for Obaseki.

Furthermore, the deputy governor rebuffed claims that his origin in Edo North would disqualify him from the PDP’s gubernatorial ticket, emphasizing that justice and equity should prevail in zoning the candidacy to his senatorial district.

“Edo State cannot afford to experiment further. We’ve had our share of experiments with Governor Godwin Obaseki, and it’s time for someone experienced,” Shaibu declared, underscoring the urgency for competent leadership in the state.

The political landscape in Edo State witnessed a shift as tensions escalated within the ruling party, with Shaibu openly challenging the perceived betrayal and advocating for fairness in the gubernatorial race.

The brewing discontent within the PDP, especially in Edo North, became apparent as the deputy governor rallied against the perceived imposition of an outsider, signalling a brewing resistance against Obaseki’s preferred candidate.

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