Home Editorial Should NYSC be Scrapped Amid Insecurities?

Should NYSC be Scrapped Amid Insecurities?

Should NYSC be Scrapped Amid Insecurities

Amidst Insecurity, FG Should Scrap NYSC

While other advanced societies are increasingly adopting the use of the rule of law, technology, and public funds to fulfil the primary purpose of the government to its citizens, the Nigerian government is increasing its defence budget EVERY YEAR with little to no result for citizens’ protection to show for it. What naturally comes to mind is where the defence spending is going.

The Federal Government of Nigeria, having presented ₦27,503,404,073,861 on November 30th of 2023 as the 2024 budget and approved by the 10th National Assembly, has three critical allocations of 12% of N27.5trn (₦3,205,000,000,000) goes for defence spending and 7.9% (₦2,108,000,000,000) for education and 5% (₦1,303,000,000,000) for health.

With 12% of 27.5 trillion nairas (3.2trn) budgeted and approved for defence spending, the government and security operatives negligence to insecurity has exposed its youth corp members to a cash cow for terrorists’ expansion.

If you ask who benefits the most from these neglected or overly caressed insurgencies, the ones who allowed it are not far from the answers you already suspect.

For the benefit of the doubt, one would need to see what the NYSC guidelines entail as a guide for youths whose choice is not to end up in a kidnapper’s den.


Page 53/54 of the NYSC guidelines entails the ‘security awareness and education handbook’, and while it is shockingly outrageous, the reality of security risks in Nigeria should be taken as a matter of life and death.

NYSC Guidelines
NYSC Guidelines
NYSC Guidelines
NYSC Guidelines Cont.

Meanwhile, parents find themselves compelled to raise funds due to inflated tuition fees, as the government, seemingly unable to address security concerns, exposes corp members to threats from terrorists (kidnappers), requiring additional support for their safety. 

Informing corp members not to speak to the media before clearance is where the question of whether the government encourages or approves of terrorism arises.


The Human Rights and Justice Group International has called on the Federal Government to suspend the National Youth Service over insecurities emanating from kidnappings and killings ongoing in the country.

To put a stop to the rising death toll, even though it is mostly under-reported, is to stop sending youth members to aid kidnappers’ ransom and killings the failure to meet the requested demand.

In February 2023, gunmen reportedly abducted 15 NYSC members at a motor park at Iseke in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State when they were commuting to Lagos. However, the Police command came to their aid in the rescue.

A similar case of highway kidnapping took place in August 2023, when eight Akwa Ibom State tertiary institution graduates who were on a mandatory service to the nation were kidnapped along the Zamfara road as they were commuting for deployment.

To add to the endless list, Armed kidnappers invaded the Sagwari community in Abuja on Sunday, January 7, at noon and kidnapped 11 residents, including a mother, her four children, and a receptionist from a nearby hotel.

One of the victims, who is also a final year student of Bayero University, Kano, Talatu Salihu, was killed by the terrorists after her relatives could not pay the ransom demanded of them by the terrorists while also issuing a threat to kill her two siblings if the ransom was not paid.

Also, citizens must understand that silence is acceptance of one’s death in the face of insecurity. I am not the victim today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be tomorrow.

In TY Danjuma’s words, “Every one of us must rise, the Armed forces are not neutral. They collude with the armed bandits that kill people, they facilitate their movements, they cover them. If you are depending on the Armed forces to stop the killings, you will all die one by one.

CSOs Reaction

Meanwhile, the CSO, Human Rights, and Justice Group International spoke to Punch, stating it stands on the mandatory deployment of NYSC members to states for one year of service to the nation that doesn’t prioritize its safety and security measures in check and balance.

Prince Nze, the CSO’s Executive Director, stated, “For now, due to insecurity, the NYSC should be put on hold. The essence of NYSC is to integrate the youths.

“Today, some youths who went to the North from Akwa Ibom State have not been accounted for over eight months. Their parents are worried, and nobody can account for them.

“For you to ask me to send my children to the NYSC for a nation that has more values for cows than human beings, I cannot subject my children to such a situation because if anything happens to them, the country does not care.”

Insecurity, as an increasing threat to national security, is in dire need of immediate arrest as it is increasingly growing beyond the security apparatus combined.


The overly taxed taxpayers’ naira, which goes up in government frivolous spending, needs to be addressed like a state of emergency if Nigeria is too close to looking for substantial economic growth or recognition in the global community. The media won’t help as much as you’d want to see a fourth arm of government do. Why? Because YOU have always been the major arm of the government.

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