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CAN Condemn Attacks in Plateau State, Calls for Preventive Measures


The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has strongly condemned the vicious assaults that occurred on Christmas Eve in Plateau State, resulting in the loss of several lives and extensive property damage.

Archbishop Daniel Okoh, the President of CAN, expressed deep condolences to the affected communities, condemning the attacks as an outright assault on the fundamental values of peace, unity, and mutual respect shared by the nation.

“These acts of violence, including the destruction of homes and worship centres, represent not just criminality but an attack on the very fabric of our society. We cannot let such acts go unchallenged,” Archbishop Okoh declared in a statement.

The affected areas, including Ruku, Hurum, Darwat, Mai Yanga Sabo, NTV, and Lisham Kwahasnat community in Wase LGA, witnessed tragic losses. Archbishop Okoh highlighted the devastating blow to collective peace and unity, especially mourning the lives lost in the Baptist Church in Chirang village.

Commending the swift response of a joint police and military task force to restore order, the CAN President urged security agencies to pivot towards proactive measures, emphasizing the importance of intelligence gathering to avert future calamities.

“While appreciating the initial responses, we urge security agencies to intensify intelligence gathering and adopt preventive measures. Our people deserve a peaceful existence, and it’s crucial to shift from reacting to anticipating and preventing such heinous acts,” Archbishop Okoh stressed.

Moreover, the CAN emphasized the need for unity and support for affected communities, urging citizens to extend empathy and assistance in the spirit of the festive season.

“In this season of love and giving, let us remember the victims and their families not only in prayers but also by reaching out with relief materials. Embracing peace and unity is pivotal for the growth and prosperity of Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole,” the statement concluded.

The Plateau State Police Command confirmed the loss of 96 lives and the destruction of 221 houses during the attacks in the NTV community near Bokkos Local Government Area, underscoring the severity of the situation.

As Plateau State grapples with this tragedy, the call for unity, peace, and proactive security measures remains very vital for preventing such grievous incidents in the future.


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