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Northern Nigeria’s Christmas Carnage Demands Justice

Chronicle of Tragedy: A Pattern of Christmas Violence

In the wake of the recent tragedy in Plateau state, the recurring acts of violence during Christmas in northern Nigeria demand urgent attention. The loss of over 160 lives and the injury of more than 300 people by terrorist militants is a grim reality that cannot be ignored.

The historical backdrop, marred by incidents like the 2011 Christmas Day bombings, the 2020 Boko Haram raid, the 2021 Gusau attacks, the 2022 killings of 46 villagers in Northern kaduna, paints a distressing picture of an annual cycle of terror. The systematic targeting of Christians and specific ethnic communities by Islamic extremist terrorists and Fulani militants is an alarming trend.

Government Response and the Urgent Need for Change

The government’s response to these atrocities has been insufficient, and the ongoing bloodshed raises serious questions about the protection of lives and the lack of decisive action against the perpetrators. The cries for justice and lasting peace from local officials, such as Dickson Chollom and Monday Kassah, echo the sentiments of a community grappling with grief.

The call for solidarity with the people of Plateau state, embodied in #IStandWithPlateau and #PrayForPlateau, emphasizes the need for a unified voice against the recurring acts of brutality. The plea to fellow Nigerians to speak out, repost, and share reflects the urgency of breaking the silence surrounding these atrocities.

As the nation celebrates, the stark contrast of over 100 families in Plateau mourning the loss of their loved ones underscores the harsh reality faced by those living in fear of yearly attacks. The plea to fellow Nigerians to stand with their own people highlights the importance of unity in the face of tragedy.

The recurring nature of these attacks is not just a regional issue but a humanitarian crisis that demands immediate and sustained attention. The message is clear: Silence is not an option, and it is time to end the cycle of violence that has plagued northern Nigeria during the Christmas season for far too long. #IStandWithPlateau #PrayForPlateau


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