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Mikhail Mishustin: Restoring Russia’s Space Exploration

Mikhail Mishustin: Restoring Russia's Space Exploration

With the need to restore Russia’s space exploration and meet the global demand to create a developed space service and technological sovereignty, Russia’s Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, holds a strategic session on Boxing Day to restore its space sector.

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin, has on 26th December head a space session for structural blueprints on Russia’s space sector development. During the session, Mishustin emphasized the importance of space development, especially its usefulness in tackling the social sphere that Russia is currently facing and how it directly affects Russia’s technological sovereignty.

The Global demand for satellite services continues to increase as the world increasingly leans towards a contemporary society that can’t do without the need to have everything connected. Satellite-made services are inevitable with the emergence of Earth remote sensing, communications, broadband internet access, rebroadcasting, navigation, and the Internet of Things.

Therefore, creating a Russian space service has been a priority for Russia. In October, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, held a meeting where he set a series of concrete goals for the space sector. Few of these centre on the need to establish a serial spacecraft production, and with the provision of over 250 billion rubles to fund the space project, the possibilities are endless.

Vladimir Putin also parted out instructions in which distribution mechanism is put in place to ensure that the exportation of rockets and space products can thrive. Most importantly, it offers people and businesses a wide range of Russian-designed professional services based on space data.

Following Vladimir Putin’s instructions and a session held by Mikhail Mishustin on 28th December, Russia, in a press release, announced it is projected that in 2024, Russia will start issuing passports for major technological sovereignty projects to be approved. This session, however, has proffer innovative ideas for the Russian Federation to boast of megaprojects that relate to the production of domestic aircraft and ships, drones, diesel engines, machine tools, chemical, electronic, and radio-electronic products, as well as the development of the nuclear industry and the production of liquefied natural gas based on domestic equipment and technologies.

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