Home Security Middle-Belt Forum: Pushit Community Receives Threat of Impending Attack, Accuses Govt. of Complicity

Middle-Belt Forum: Pushit Community Receives Threat of Impending Attack, Accuses Govt. of Complicity

While condemning the incessant attacks on the innocent citizens of Plateau state by terrorist groups, Tinubu, in his statement, assured the people that he has taken swift actions to bring order in the state and apprehend the attackers. But the big question is: Really, has he?

In recent times, Plateau State has been plagued by incessant attacks on innocent citizens perpetrated by terrorists. While the state and federal governments have condemned these attacks and claimed to have taken swift action, the situation remains. 

Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the Middle Belt Forum, Dr Stanley Kavwam, has revealed that a letter warning of an impending attack dated December 29th was sent to the Pushit Community in Mangu LGA, where ongoing attacks have been reported.

He said, “While I was driving down from Jos, I received a call. A letter was sent to my own village where the attackers are going to invade on 29th of December”.

Dr Kavwam stated that previous attacks were orchestrated after anonymous individuals delivered warning letters, and yet no action was taken by the security forces despite numerous distress calls.

Kavwam also said security authorities knew that an attack was coming before the Christmas Eve massacre.

“They received about 37 distress calls, that is Operation Safe Haven or the Joint Task Force. About 37 distress calls, yet nothing was done,” he said

He accused the security forces of complicity, claiming that they know the hideouts from which the terrorists launch their attacks but have refused to take action.

“I want to assure you that all the casualties recorded are in communities inhabited by Christians, and the security forces know the attackers. They even know their hideouts. For the past two decades, these attacks have been orchestrated from Mahanga, a forest which lies at the foot of the hills of Bokkos in Plateau State and borders Wamba in Nasarawa State.”

The attacks have been ongoing despite President Tinubu’s assurance to send forces to tackle the insecurity, which has claimed the lives of hundreds. Even when the security are alerted to the threats of attacks, no action is being taken, thereby endangering the lives of the people.

According to Kavwam, this raises questions about the legitimacy of the government, as Section 14(b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria stipulates that ‘the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government’.

The continuous attacks and threats of re-attack do not showcase the importance of the people’s welfare to the government,  and this continues to raise serious concerns about the government’s ability to protect its citizens and maintain order. 

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