Home News Finance How Crisis in Mangu, Plateau Will Cause Nationwide Food Shortage – Kalu Aja 

How Crisis in Mangu, Plateau Will Cause Nationwide Food Shortage – Kalu Aja 

Mangu crisis
People fleeing due to Plateau state crisis

Mangu, Bokkos, and Barkin Ladi Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Plateau State are grappling with relentless attacks that have left residents either injured, dead or displaced. The toll from these attacks on Christmas Eve stands at 195. The latest assault in Kwahaslalek village claimed over 30 lives, predominantly children and women. This prompted a 24-hour curfew in Mangu that is still in full force.

Despite being a significant area, Mangu’s impact extends beyond its borders. As the largest LGA after Jos North and South, it houses the vital Mangu Maize market – the largest and most commercial market in Plateau State. This market plays a pivotal role in trading and exporting maize to other states in Nigeria.

Kalu Aja, an expert in Finance and Personal Economy, made this clear in a recent X post.

Buttressing the economic implications of the persistent attacks, he said:

“The cost of Maize is directly related to the cost of poultry, spaghetti, and other carbohydrates. Maize is a key component in the Consumer Price Index that measures inflation in Nigeria

What happens in Mangu LGA will affect your consumer credit in Lekki, Kano and Port Harcourt. Cost of maize will rise because of the insecurity in Mangu.”


Large Mechanized Farm in Mangu

Mr. Kalu further highlighted that “food security is national security especially in Nigeria where the average Nigerian household spends more than 50% on food.”

“The wanton, frequent and unabated killings in the food growing areas in Nigeria is directly connected to the high cost of credit called the Monetary Policy Rate in Nigeria. If Nigeria can’t restore calm in her food growing areas so that the supply of local food can increase and inflation falls, then even Blackrock cannot save the Naira”, he warned.

Mangu mechanized farms

Plateau State, known for its favourable weather conditions, particularly in Mangu and Bokkos LGAs, is a hub for Irish potato cultivation. These areas alone have the potential to supply the entire country and more with Irish potatoes. The critical role of these regions in the nation’s food production is being grossly overlooked.

Mr. Kalu’s lamentation is a plea for responsible governance- one that recognizes the interconnectedness of security, economy, and the well-being of every citizen.


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