Home News Breaking News: Ibile ‘The Notorious Lagos Land Grabber’ Now in Police Custody

Breaking News: Ibile ‘The Notorious Lagos Land Grabber’ Now in Police Custody

Breaking News: Ibile 'The Notorious Lagos Land Grabber' Now in Police Custody

The Nigerian Police Force arrested the notorious Lagos land grabber, Saheed Abdullahi Mosadoluwa, who is also popularly known as ‘Ibile’ in the wee afternoon of Saturday the 20th of January, 2024.

Ibile was nabbed by the IGP-STS team in Lagos, considering his operation of force takeover. However, his arrest was following the indictment in court for human rights abuses of one Adeyinka Igbinoba.

Also, Ibile and his gangs have been alleged to have stabbed and beaten up soldiers of the Nigerian Army Barrack over the land on which Amen Estate is situated. Having been found severally in violation of property rights and human rights abuse in Lagos, he has now been apprehended in Lagos police custody.

Speaking of human rights indictment, this was not his first arrest but the second, but haven violated the rights of Mrs. Ayedinka Igbinoba, a lawsuit with suit no ID/14374MFHR/22 was filed to appear before the Lagos High Court Honourable Justice, Mrs. Adenike J. Coker.

Applicant Case Filing

The applicant, Adeyinka Igbinoba, in the lawsuit file on 27th of October 2022, had the Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector of Police (FCIID Abuja), CP Kolo Yusuf of Special Weapons and Tactics, Abuja, Inspector Samuel Emmanuel Adakole (FCIID Garki, Abuja), Saheed Mosadioluwa a.k.a Ibile and Folashade Gbadamosi-Balogun as respondents of six respectively.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Adeyinka is a journalist and media consultant & CEO of AIG Media Pro, a media production company in Lagos, two of her siblings contacted Ibile through an agent to procure a property Ibile as land spectator ‘omo onile’ claimed to be his for the sum of N30,000,000.

The sum of 30m that Ibile requested was paid into his account, but further findings reveal the Certificate of Occupancy covering the property as revealed by Lagos Lands Bureau in Alausa, depicting under review and overlay of a government survey. He was informed and admitted to being aware, yet sold the land and refused to return the property procurement fee.

Ibile, the notorious land grabber, reportedly, in his usual uncivilized behaviour, caused more hassle by permanently destabilizing the ankle of the applicant in a meeting held after he was reported to the anti-graft agency, EFCC. Ibile and his cohort with the IG of Police, Inspector of Police, Garki, and Folashade Gbadamosi-Balogun are the 5th and 6th respondents.

Meanwhile, the honourable Justice, Mrs. Adenike J. Coker, gave her judgment at the Criminal Division Court, Ikeja, on Thursday, 7th of December 2023, stating an order for the applicant to be paid the sum of N850,000,000 in damages by the 5 and 6 respondents which Ibile and Folashade belong to in the lawsuit, amongst many other.

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