Home News Belarus President Lukashenko Hosts First Lady Oluremi Tinubu to Discuss Agriculture and Education Partnership

Belarus President Lukashenko Hosts First Lady Oluremi Tinubu to Discuss Agriculture and Education Partnership

Belarus' Longest-Serving President Lukashenko Hosts First Lady Remi Tinubu On Agriculture And Education Partnership

Belarus’ longest-serving President, Alexander Lukashenko, hosted Nigeria’s First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, on Wednesday to partner with the Federal Republic of Nigeria in critical areas of the economy.

The First Lady’s spokesperson, Bukola Kukoyi, who wrote on X, highlighted the purpose of the visit, including areas of agriculture, food processing, and education, for which the Belarus government is aiming for cooperation between the two countries.

Lukashenko, through an interpreter, pointed out that the First Lady’s visit has further strengthened his administration’s resolve to enhance bilateral relations with Nigeria, noting that one key area they would be hoping to collaborate on was specialise training.

We know your needs and the possibilities that you have. Let me underline that these possibilities are significant for us. We can substantially assist you, and you can reciprocate, Lukashenko stated.

He added, “We are willing to explore deeper collaboration in education with your country.

Please ask President Bola Tinubu for the visit of our Minister of Foreign Affairs to your country so we can develop these areas of collaboration further.”

In response, Mrs Tinubu thanked the Belarusian leader, especially for providing 20 Nigerian Students full Scholarships through her initiative, Renewed Hope Initiative.

Also, she assured Lukashenko that Nigeria would reach out further to Belarus to see how the desired collaboration between the two nations would be pursued.

While the visit has attracted public criticism from Nigerians, as there is no specific law in Nigeria that allows the First Lady to visit foreign countries on behalf of the country’s interests, economically or otherwise, it has also been presented as a role of the First Lady and her commitment to promoting economic growth and partnerships.

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