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Remi Tinubu Support Retirees and Senior Citizens with N950m

Mrs. Remi Tinubu, the wife of the President, has pledged N950 million to aid approximately 250 police, military retirees, and other senior citizens nationwide. Each beneficiary is set to receive N100,000 as part of the Renewed Hope Initiative Elderly Support Scheme. The announcement was made during the scheme’s inaugural event held in Abuja.

Expressing her commitment to the well-being of the elderly, the First Lady highlighted that the initiative aimed to alleviate the impact of the prevailing economic conditions on senior citizens. She emphasized that this economic empowerment program is a testament to the government’s dedication to creating a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Remi Tinubu clarified that the scheme targets vulnerable citizens aged 65 and above across all 36 states, the Federal Capital Territory, and veterans associated with the Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association. In her words, the goal of the scheme is to alleviate the financial strain on our esteemed elders, particularly during this festive season.

Additionally, she revealed that each state would receive N25 million to distribute among the beneficiaries, emphasizing the commitment to fairness and inclusivity in the allocation process.

Encouraging support for the President, the First Lady remarked, “We honour their contributions by reaching out to the elderly. Your continued prayers and backing for President Bola Tinubu are appreciated.”

The Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa, lauded the First Lady’s gesture, citing its potential to boost morale among serving members. Representing the military, he expressed gratitude, acknowledging Tinubu’s unwavering support for the armed forces and their families. Musa assured that her actions would be remembered and appreciated in the annals of history.

Musa highlighted that the First Lady’s commitment to the retirees serves as a profound motivation for those currently in service. Her dedication to the welfare of the active and retired armed forces and their families remains a top priority.

He further praised Remi’s ongoing efforts to bring renewed hope to military personnel and their families. “Your continuous support will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the morale and efficiency of our serving members,” Musa affirmed.


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