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Raphael Adebayo: If Six-Year-Old Kids Can Defend Their Families in Mexico, Why Can’t Nigerians?

A few days ago, I declared that it was time for Nigeria to legalize and democratize access to firearms and ammunition so that...

Thomas Etuh eating Unity Bank
FinanceNewsWAW Exclusive

Unity Bank Fraud: An Unfolding Story Of Nigerian Corporate Malfeasance

Thomas Akoh Etuh is a very rich man. He is the Chairman at Veritas Kapital Assurance Plc and Founder of the TAK group...


Bola Ahmed Tinubu: From Drug Lord To Presidential Candidate

“The 1990s were a crazy time.”              – John Kelly, White House chief of staff 2017 – 2019...


Nigeria’s “Danfo” Airline And The NCAA’s Dance With Death

  On Sunday May 7, 2023, a Boeing 737-400 prepared to take off from Yola Airport on a scheduled local service to Nnamdi...

TechnologyWAW Exclusive

Following Yesterday’s Story, The NCAA Has Finally Suspended Max Air’s 737 Fleet

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has responded decisively to yesterday’s exclusive report on West Africa Weekly, which spotlighted alarming safety and procedural breaches at Max Air...

TechnologyWAW Exclusive

Passenger Alert: Nigeria is About to Record Another Air Disaster

On Wednesday June 14, 2023, an Aero Contractors Boeing 737-500 with the tail identifier 5N-BLE took off from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja shortly after...

TechnologyWAW Exclusive

West Africa Weekly Aviation Special [Part 2]

The Audacity Of Fraud: The Incredible Story Of Nigeria Air “For the services Fairfax has provided and will continue to provide, Fairfax will...


West Africa Weekly Aviation Special [Part 1]

Nov 7, 2022, 9:52 PM Good day, Mr Hundeyin. My name is Robert Emmanuel and I am a journalist from Antigua and Barbuda...


How Nigerian Governor and Serial Human Rights Violator Nasir El-Rufai Spends Millions Funding Oxford University

While gaining notoriety for persecuting journalists, rights activists, and presiding over one of Nigeria’s states with a scandalous number of out of school...

PoliticsWAW Exclusive

EXCLUSIVE: Amnesty International Fires Osai Ojigho Following West Africa Weekly Investigation

Amnesty International Nigeria country director Osai Ojigho has been quietly fired, 10 months after the organization under her watch came under public scrutiny following...


Has Bola Ahmed Tinubu Committed Perjury? The Evidence Says Yes

A criminal complaint bordering on issues relating to perjury on Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Form EC9 has been filed...

PoliticsWAW Exclusive

Journalism Career Graveyard: The BBC And Its West Africa Problem

The first thing one learns in this line of business is the maxim “There is never just one cockroach.” Journalists, private investigators and...