Home News Weather Alert: Drought Hits Abuja and Taraba Environs

Weather Alert: Drought Hits Abuja and Taraba Environs

Weather Alert Drought Hits Abuja and Taraba Environs
Nigeria Drought Report, as shown on GDO Map report.

The Global Drought Observatory (GDO) has published a report on rising drought with low severe alerts in the environs of Abuja and Taraba.

The recent weather timelines record a minor impact for agricultural drought in areas covering 97290 km2 with 0.25 score ratings. Prior to 2024, the drought score rating was 0.5, which translates to depicting 2024 as witnessing a low severity compared to the November 20 reports of 2023.

Furthermore, the affected areas are liable to experience a shortage in food supply due to the drought level, as many sources report challenges facing climate conditions, especially on how it affects stable food supply to address hunger crises across the country.

Drought Implication on Agriculture and Food Security

Extreme weather conditions contribute a lot to the stability of food supply and security; however, food insecurity tends to soar as the weather conditions worsen without environmental policies from the government to ease agricultural challenges such as droughts or flooding.

Meanwhile, considering the dry season that starts every year in Nigeria, the cultivation of farmlands gets tedious with the emergence of droughts. With the lack of environmental supplements to ease the farming process, a shortfall in food supply and security stands to maintain an upward trend amidst rising inflation.

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