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Wealth Hotspots: Top 10 Affluent Regions in Africa


Africa is a vibrant hub of growing cities and untapped potential, embodying a narrative of prosperity driven by ambition. With 135,200 millionaires, 342 centi-millionaires, and 21 billionaires collectively holding investable wealth totalling $2.5 trillion, the continent showcases economic dynamism.

However, recent data from a report by Henley and Partners reveals a migration trend among high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) over the past decade (2013 to 2023). Approximately 18,700 individuals in this category have left Africa, seeking opportunities abroad.

Key destinations include the UK, the USA, Australia, and the UAE, with significant numbers also opting for France, Switzerland, Monaco, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, and Israel.

It is noteworthy that these figures exclude internal migrations within the continent. Around 1,600 millionaires have relocated between African countries during the same period, with popular destinations including Mauritius, South Africa, Morocco, and Namibia.

Despite this outward migration trend, Africa boasts some of the wealthiest cities and regions on the continent. Below are the top 10, ranked by the number of resident millionaires (HNWIs):

• Pretoria, South Africa

Home to 2,100 high-net-worth individuals, Pretoria is a prominent business hub renowned for affluent neighbourhoods and upscale lifestyle estates.

• Casablanca, Morocco

Accommodating 2,800 affluent individuals, Casablanca serves as Morocco’s economic nucleus, hosting major corporations and boasting one of Africa’s largest stock markets.

• South Coast, South Africa

Stretching from Mossel Bay to Storms River, this region is home to 3,200 financially independent individuals and features picturesque towns and emerging hotspots.

• Natal Coast, South Africa

Neighboring towns along this coast house 3,500 high-net-worth individuals, offering premier eco-estates and luxurious living options.

• Winelands, South Africa

With a population of 3,600 resident millionaires, this region encompasses Paarl, Franschhoek, and Stellenbosch, renowned for scenic beauty and wine culture.

• Lagos, Nigeria

Africa’s largest city by population, boasts 4,200 high-profile personalities and serves as a central economic hub on the continent.

• Nairobi, Kenya

Hosting 4,400 high-net-worth individuals, Nairobi is East Africa’s economic engine, featuring esteemed luxury residential neighbourhoods.

• Cairo, Egypt

Home to 7,200 affluent individuals, Cairo boasts a rich cultural heritage and monumental landmarks, attracting wealth and influence.

• Cape Town, South Africa

Boasting 7,400 money bags, Cape Town offers affluent residential suburbs and unparalleled living standards, attracting migrants across Africa and Europe.

• Johannesburg, South Africa

With a staggering 12,300 wealthy individuals, Johannesburg is the economic powerhouse of South Africa, boasting prestigious suburbs and financial prowess.

These regions epitomise Africa’s wealth narrative, reflecting its growing prominence on the global stage.

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