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Usher Embraces Afrobeats, Collaborates with Burna Boy, Pheelz for his latest album


American R&B icon Usher has disclosed his collaboration with Nigerian artists Burna Boy and Pheelz in his latest album, expressing his desire to immerse himself in the Afrobeats phenomenon.

Usher, joining a growing list of Western artists embracing Afrobeats, featured Pheelz in the lead song “Ruin” and Burna Boy in the album’s titular track “Homecoming”.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Usher credited Pheelz for facilitating his collaboration with Burna Boy, stating, “I am all about collaboration and incorporating African, particularly Nigerian culture into my own music. Their music is incredibly popular right now, and I wanted to be a part of that Afrobeats movement. That’s why I ventured to Africa to create this album.”

Usher further revealed his inspiration from his visits to Ghana and Nigeria, where he absorbed elements of the vibrant music scene. Collaborating with Pheelz, he co-created the track “Homecoming,” believing that Burna Boy’s involvement would elevate its authenticity. He expressed admiration for Burna Boy’s artistry, believing that the song would benefit from his contribution.

This collaboration underscored Usher’s commitment to embracing diverse musical influences and his recognition of Afrobeats’ global significance.

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