Home Entertainment Sam Dede Returns as Ebube in Issakaba Remake: Calls for Socially Relevant Films Amidst Nigeria’s Challenges

Sam Dede Returns as Ebube in Issakaba Remake: Calls for Socially Relevant Films Amidst Nigeria’s Challenges


The filming of the highly anticipated Issakaba remake concluded last week, following over a month of shooting in Asaba. During the production, the Issakaba Boys garnered significant attention from residents and passers-by, who flocked to the streets of Asaba to witness the filming.

One notable character who stirred excitement upon his return to the set is Samuel Dedetoku, popularly known as Sam Dede. He reprised his role as Ebube, the lead character he portrayed in the original movie released in 1999.

Reflecting on his role reprisal, Dede expressed his enthusiasm for portraying Ebube once again. He lamented the persistence of the societal evils that the Issakaba boys fought against 25 years ago, emphasizing the need for Nigerian filmmakers to produce more socially relevant films rather than focusing solely on “senseless love stories.”

Dede, who has a penchant for portraying tough roles in movies, attributed this preference to his association with characters he can emotionally relate to, such as those depicted in Issakaba. He underscored the importance of addressing societal issues through film, particularly amidst Nigeria’s prevalent insecurity challenges.

Additionally, Dede shared his passion for nurturing talents, highlighting his role as a lecturer at the University of Port-Harcourt and the satisfaction he derives from seeing his students excel in the film industry.

Director Lancelot Imasuen revealed that Dede was chosen for the lead role based on his outstanding performance in the movie “Last Burial”, released three decades ago. Imasuen praised Dede’s talent and suitability for the role, underscoring the significance of his contribution to the success of the Issakaba remake.

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