Home Business US raises concern over increasing number of oil-rich countries joining BRICS

US raises concern over increasing number of oil-rich countries joining BRICS

US raises concern over increasing number of oil-rich countries joining BRICS

The United States National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, has reacted to the increasing number of oil-rich countries, including Middle Eastern countries, positioning to participate in BRICS expansion.

Sullivan explained that the US is not lagging and is much ahead of the curve as it is signing new partnerships with BRICS countries, including stressing that India-US ties have reached a new high despite being a part of the BRICS.

The partnership between the US and India, a country in BRICS, has gone to new heights. With an engagement across technology and security and so many other dimensions,” he told reporters at a White House news conference.

To further expand on the country’s relations with BRICS members, Sullivan explained that the government has a “perfect” relationship with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, and Ethiopia.

“I think if you look at the US role and standing in its relationships across the world’s key regions, we feel perfect about where we are.

If you look at what’s happened with NATO, we’ve made NATO larger than ever. You look at what’s happening this week: a historic trilateral with the US, Japan, and the Philippines. Look across the Indo-Pacific at how we’ve upgraded our relations, not just with traditional allies but with Vietnam, Indonesia, and ASEAN as a who”e,” he reiterated.

Essentially, Sullivan maintained that both BRICS countries and other alliances have good relations with the US while also stating that the idea of BRICS taking over the US or the dollar is unlikely in the future.

Meanwhile, the US has reportedly expressed concern that BRICS will become the mouthpiece of non-Western countries, as BRICS is increasingly controlling decisions on trade, commerce, and payment settlements across developing countries.

Moreover, it has allowed the BRICS to fill in the vacuum left by the US regarding global domination and more developing countries showing interest.

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