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Top-Selling Afrobeats Albums that Rocked the Charts


In the world of Afrobeats music, some albums stood out for their huge sales and massive impact. Let’s look at a few of these record-breaking albums:

P-Square – “Game Over” (10 million sales)

P-Square’s “Game Over” was a classic album loved by fans everywhere. Its catchy tunes and great beats made it a must-listen for any Afrobeats fan.

Flavour – “Nabania” (10 million sales)

Flavour’s “Nabania” was another top seller, known for its soulful songs and great vibes. It’s an album that speaks to the heart.

9ice – “Bashorun Gaa” (8 million sales)

9ice’s “Bashorun Gaa” was a hit with fans for its mix of traditional and modern sounds. It’s a great example of what makes Afrobeats music so special.

P-Square – “Get Squared” (7 million sales)

P-Square’s “Get Squared” was a fan favourite, with its infectious energy and memorable songs. It’s an album you’ll want to play on repeat.

D’banj – “The Entertainer” (7 million sales)

D’banj’s “The Entertainer” was a true gem, loved by fans for its catchy tunes and fun beats. It’s the perfect album for a good time.

Faze – “Independent” (7 million sales)

Faze’s “Independent” was a groundbreaking album that helped shape the Afrobeats scene. Fans loved its unique style and great songs.

Wizkid – “Superstar” (5 million sales)

Wizkid’s “Superstar” was a modern classic, loved for its infectious beats and cool vibes. It’s an album that’s sure to get you dancing.

2Baba – “Face 2 Face” (5 million sales)

2Baba’s “Face 2 Face” was a timeless favourite, known for its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. It’s an album that speaks to the soul.

These albums have made a big impact on the world of Afrobeats music, and they continue to be loved by fans old and new. With their great songs and infectious energy, they’re a testament to the power of music to bring people together.

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