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Tinubu Congratulates Joseph Boakai, Liberia President-Elect

The transition of power in all regional blocs of ECOWAS has controversy around free and fair elections. But there are exceptions where smooth transition of power with little to no reports of voter suppression and electoral violence. The run-off election that took place in Liberia is an exemplary path to democracy working to protect citizens’ right to vote or be voted for.

On November 17, Liberia President, George Weah conceded election defeat to Joseph Boakai, the president-elect who won with majority votes. Weah urges his supporters to accept the outcome and ensures a smooth transition of power.

Many regions in Africa consider the election result to be a win for democracy on the continent. However, free and fair elections are still faced with political challenges. Yet, the people do not hesitate to use the power of the people to its full effect of upholding democracy. Unlike the presidential election outcome in Nigeria, Liberia set a new pace for future elections. Bola Ahmed Tinubu has congratulated the government and people of Liberia on the successful conduct of the Liberian Presidential Election.

He said, “I commend President George Weah for his sterling example, undiluted patriotism, and statesmanship. He has defied the stereotype that peaceful transitions of power are untenable in West Africa. A statement that gives the notion of hypocrisy with evidential proof of voter suppression and heavy rigging that took place in the election and judicial process that brought him to office.

Africa has been challenged once again to prove itself not just to the founding founders of democracy but to uphold the basis that such democratic ideology is based upon—free and fair election.


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