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Temi Otedola Becomes L’Oréal Paris’ First African Digital Brand Ambassador


Nigerian actress and billionaire heiress Temi Otedola has revealed her newest status as the African Digital Brand Ambassador for cosmetic giant L’Oréal Paris, marking a historic milestone for the brand and African representation in the global beauty industry.

The announcement was made by Otedola herself via an Instagram post on June 7, 2024. In her post, she expressed her excitement and gratitude, describing the opportunity as a dream come true and acknowledging the challenge of keeping the news under wraps for six months.

Otedola’s appointment as the first-ever African ambassador for L’Oréal Paris signifies a significant shift towards inclusivity and diversity within the brand. Joining the ranks of esteemed global ambassadors such as Kendall Jenner and Viola Davis, Otedola’s presence underscores L’Oréal Paris’ commitment to embracing voices from all corners of the world.

In her statement, Otedola shared her enthusiasm for representing Nigeria and the entire African continent on the prestigious global stage. She expressed her eagerness to promote L’Oréal’s iconic products and brand ethos. She added, “To me, the L’Oréal Woman is empathic, unapologetic and, of course, infallible. She’s worth it!”

Reflecting on her connection to the brand, Otedola reminisced about her childhood experiences playing with her mother’s L’Oréal lipstick and mascara, further cementing her genuine excitement for the collaboration.

I’m excited to share L’Oréal iconic products and equally iconic brands with all of you. I’m charging up for all the many moments and milestones I’ll be creating with my L’Oréal family, she concluded.

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