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Sheik Gumi: Nigeria Should Negotiate With Terrorists, Not Fight Them


Sheik Gumi: Nigeria Should Negotiate With Terrorists, Not Fight Them

An Islamic cleric based in Kaduna, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi who is also a religious scholar and former military officer with the rank of captain in the Nigerian Army has urged the Federal government to stop wasting billions on the acquisition of Jets or guns to fight in resistance of the terrorist. Rather the government should negotiate with them.

According to him, the only meaningful way to address terrorism is to engage in an open discussion with the terrorists. During an interview with Trust TV, Sheik Gumi faulted the government for continuing to spend billions of weapons and military-grade equipment to combat banditry and terrorism.

He went on to say that the long-standing farmer-herder conflict in the North may be the source of the nation’s security issues and that diplomacy, not force, is the only way to resolve it.

Gumi also chastised the Nigerian military for the recent unintentional bombing of Tudun Biri civilians in Kaduna State, saying that this episode shows the need for the government to enhance the police force’s ability to prevent the military from meddling in internal security matters in the nation.

While he opined that negotiation and not war is the way forward, he also emphasized that “What we need are very good policies. Then stronger policing. That’s where our money should go. All those people should be involved in community policing.

However, it is worth recalling the popular quote from Ahmad Sheik Gumi on issues of kidnappings to the Nigerian government. Also, on Friday, June 25, 2021, the Department of Security Service (DSS) invited Ahmad Gumi for interrogation due to how he related with the bandits across Nigeria for peacemaking.

“If the country could pardon coup plotters who committed treasonable offenses in the era of military administration, the bandits can as well enjoy similar forgiveness even better under democratic rule.”

— Ahmad Gumi, on kidnappers to the Nigerian Government

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