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Nigerian Soldiers Go Off the Leash Again, Nearly Beat a Police Officer to Death over ‘Wrong Parking’


A public interest and human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, relayed a harrowing account of how a serving Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) named Edet Inwang faced brutal torture at the hands of Nigerian Army personnel.

Through a statement on his X page, he narrated the pitiable story and stated that he had formally written to the Chief of Army Staff for swift actions to be taken against the offending soldiers. He also shared graphic videos and pictures to solidify his claims.

The attack allegedly happened on December 9, 2023, as the ASP parked his vehicle in a store near the Nigerian Army’s 63 Brigade in Asaba.

“Upon packing, he heard the voice of a man on mufti whom he would later identify as one Lance Corporal Onyibuchi of the Intelligence Department attached to the 63 Brigade, Asaba, talking from a far distance and speaking in tones which he could not comprehend.

While the ranting was going on, a uniformed soldier approached him and requested him to re-park his vehicle. He immediately made attempts to comply with the instructions.

While trying to re-park, the said Lance Corporal approached him, dragged him backwards and asked him why he refused to obey his instructions.

Edet tried to explain that he did not hear him properly because he was inaudible given the distance between them”, Effiong narrated.

Despite the ASP’s explanations, Lance Corporal Onyibuchi and about ten other soldiers pounded on him. The soldiers brutally assaulted the ASP, even using an iron rod to strike his head and the butt of a gun to inflict further harm.

ASP Edet Receiving Treatment – Photo credit: Inibehe Effiong

Inwang lost consciousness in the process and was later admitted to a military hospital for urgent medical care. According to Effiong, the police officer is currently undergoing treatment and facing significant injuries, including impaired hearing in his left ear.

The assault was not the only terrible part of the story. In a shocking revelation, the soldiers claimed ignorance of Inwang’s police status. Would not this imply that they would not be remorseful if a civilian were involved?

Effiong says: “It was while in the hospital that one of officers who he had worked with him in a Joint Taskforce recognized him. The soldiers who tortured him to almost a point of death upon being queried by their superior said they did not know that he was a police officer.

What a ridiculous statement!”

“Should any human being be treated so horribly over alleged wrong packing?

Assuming without conceding that he did not park properly or that he parked at the wrong place, should the response be an attempt on his life?

Is traffic offence now within the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Army?”

Sadly, this incident follows a pattern of alleged abuses, including the murder of Senator Solomon Adeola’s aide in the early hours of August 5, 2023, and the humiliating treatment of 2Season Hotel and Resort’s workers by soldiers in Kaduna. From reports of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests, forced abortions, incommunicado detention, unlawful torture and sexual violence, the Nigerian Army repeatedly shows disregard for human rights.

Article 5 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights pointedly said: “No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

On 9th December, 2023, it was a police officer being assaulted. Two days ago in Rivers State, there was a distressing viral video of Nigerian soldiers repeatedly kicking and whipping a shirtless individual who was pleading for mercy. Whether police officers or civilians, the Nigerian Army needs to be held accountable for its excessive use of power and violation of fundamental rights.

Cases of alleged abuse of power by security forces, especially the military, are serious concerns that should be thoroughly investigated and addressed.

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