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FBI Arrests Texas man for filming himself, six others gang-raping two toddlers in a mall restroom

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Paedophilia is an act against minors punishable by the law. A man named Arthur Hector Fernandez from Texas is in the U.S federal custody. Fernandez is charged with sexually exploiting toddlers at the Galleria Mall. According to records, he, along with other perpetrators, assaults them, videos this act of perversion, and uploads it online.

Arthur Fernandez is said to be 29 years old. He was arrested on December 18, 2023, in Kingwood, Texas, following a complaint filed in federal court in Houston. According to reports, the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation laid a complaint with the FBI, sharing videos posted on an invitation-only forum. The video showed sexual assaults of two 2-year-olds involving more than one perpetrator.

According to ABC13, which reported the story, Arthur Fernandez had access to both children because their mothers worked at the mall and would occasionally bring their child along, and Fernandez, who worked at a kiosk near the mall, would offer to look after them.

He would afterwards bring the child into a restroom and assault them while recording videos. From those videos, about seven could be heard making explicit comments and assaulting the child.

Both mothers, when contacted by the FBI, were able to identify Fernandez from the videos.

As told by USA Today, which also carried this news of this sickening report, the judge presiding over the case had written in a court order which requires Fernandez to remain detained pending trial:

“The evidence in this case is overwhelming and revolting. I cannot allow him to abuse any more minors”.

Fernandez is currently charged with sexually exploiting children.

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