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Mali’s Junta Lifts Three-month Suspension On Political Party Activities

Mali's Junta decision to halt political parties stirs 'deep concern' in Washington
Niger's junta ruler, Colonel Assimi Goita

The military junta in Mali has lifted the ban on activities of political parties and associations.

This was announced on Wednesday by the council of ministers, three months after activities of political parties and associations were suspended.

The ban was imposed after political parties protested against the military government’s decision to stay in power beyond the March 2024 deadline returning to civilian rule.

The junta justified the ban by arguing that it would help safeguard public order and that political parties posed a danger to discussions on the country’s political future.

A national political dialogue which was boycotted by major political parties recommended that the military remain in power for “two to five additional years”, and that the current head of the junta be allowed to run for any future presidential election.

The military junta in Mali has broken its long-standing alliance with France, its European partners, and the West-puppet Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Instead, it has strengthened its relationship with Russia mostly for military support.

The country is ravaged by jihadist groups linked to Al-Qaida and ISIS who kill innocent citizens and burn down villages. There has been a surge in terrorist attacks in the country since the military takeover in 2021, making it one of the countries worst-hit by extremism in the central Sahel.

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