Home News Like CJN Ariwoola, Chief Judge of FCT High Court Wants to Appoint his Daughter as Judge

Like CJN Ariwoola, Chief Judge of FCT High Court Wants to Appoint his Daughter as Judge

Like CJN Ariwoola, Chief Judge of FCT High Court Wants to Appoint his Daughter as Judge

The Federal Capital Territory High Court is embroiled in controversy following Chief Judge Husseini Baba-Yusuf’s alleged nepotistic/favouritism tendencies, as it has been alleged that he wants to appoint his daughter, Maryam Baba-Yusuf, as one of the newest judges of the system. 

This allegation reveals a pattern of favouritism within the judiciary, where influential families seemingly dictate the appointment of judges, sidelining qualified magistrates from underrepresented states. 

In this instance, Baba-Yusuf’s nomination of his daughter and Munira Ibrahim Tanko, daughter of erstwhile Chief Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, is perceived as prioritizing familial connections over merit and equitable representation.

The nomination of Maryam Baba-Yusuf raises questions about the chief judge’s adherence to the Nigerian federal character policy, which mandates equitable staffing of judicial positions across all states and the federal capital, as no slot is given to Abia, Imo and Ebonyi.

Baba-Yusuf’s decision to allocate these positions is alleged to be based on familial ties rather than geographical balance, undermining the principles of fairness and inclusivity enshrined in the Constitution.

Concerns have been raised regarding the potential repercussions of Baba-Yusuf’s actions on the integrity of the judiciary.

The controversy surrounding Baba-Yusuf extends beyond his alleged nepotism, with previous accusations of graft and financial mismanagement leveled against him by colleagues on the bench. These revelations have further strained his standing within the judiciary, with some officials expressing disillusionment over his leadership.

Amidst mounting criticism, Baba-Yusuf has yet to address the allegations publicly, with a spokesman for the court declining to comment until the nomination process is finalized. 

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