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Florida Signs Tough Social Media Law For Minors


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new law on Monday imposing strict restrictions on children’s use of social media.

This development sets a precedent for other states in the United States contemplating similar measures.

The new legislation, effective from Jan. 1, 2025, prohibits individuals under 14 from creating social media accounts and requires parental consent for users between 14 and 15 years.

At the bill-signing ceremony held in a Jacksonville school, Republican Speaker Paul Renner emphasised the importance of protecting children from the addictive aspects of social media.

He said, “A child in their brain development doesn’t have the ability to know that they’re being sucked into these addictive technologies and to see the harm and step away from it, and because of that, we have to step in for them.”

The law targets social media platforms with addictive features like notification alerts and auto-play videos.

Renner and DeSantis, both Republicans, anticipate legal challenges to the law, particularly regarding its constitutionality. DeSantis expressed confidence in the law’s legal robustness, reflecting on his decision-making process as a lawyer. However, critics like Khara Boender of the Computer & Communications Industry Association argued that the law might infringe on the First Amendment rights of younger users and pose significant obstacles to their access to online information.

Despite the controversy, the bill garnered substantial support in the Florida legislature, with some Democrats siding with most Republicans. However, opposition exists, with critics arguing against the government’s intrusion into parental rights and advocating for improved parental oversight tools and investments in mental health systems instead.

In response to the signing of the social media ban for minors, an X user, @laibaooe, noted that “This is the parent’s job, NOT any government’s job.”

In a direct response to the above comment, another user, @alaEPL, responded: “Parents can’t guarantee that only by themselves, like, when I was a kid, it was only a matter of time when I bypassed any measures that my parents enacted to reduce my gaming time. And now tech is even more sophisticated, and children are even more smart šŸ‘€”

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