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Arewa Makes Case for Tudun-Biri Survivors

Mass Burial | Kaduna Bomb Victims

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has stated in a statement released by the National Public Secretary, Prof. Tukur Muhammad-Baba, that all promises made to commiserate with the people of Tudun-Biri, especially the survivors of the December 7th bomb attacks in Kaduna state be made as soon as possible.

The military, having stated the bombing was by mistake, is tasked with ensuring the prioritization of civilian safety amidst their war against terror groups ravaging the peace of the communities while conducting their activities.

The National Publicity Secretary, Prof. Tukur Muhammad-Baba, clarified that harsh measures would be used to guarantee that aid is openly delivered to the victims and that no supplies intended for the victims should be permitted to be diverted by unscrupulous individuals.

In his address speech, he reiterated, “All promises made to the Tudun Biri community and especially victims of the attack should be fulfilled in the shortest time possible. Strong measures to be put in place to ensure that reliefs transparently get directly to the victims.”

While on reassurance purposes, he stated that “Corrupt, unscrupulous or unsympathetic elements must not be allowed to corner or divert any relief materials meant for the victims as is often the case in the aftermath of disasters. Absolutely no one should be allowed to benefit from the misery of the Tudun Biri and other bomb blast victims. ACF will, through its Kaduna State Chapter, closely monitor and comment on the matter as may become necessary from time to time.”

This is shortly after he expresses his satisfaction with the response of the Federal and Kaduna and other state Governments, organizations and the general public to the plight of victims of the 7th December 2023 bomb attack on Tudun Biri community, Kaduna State.

In furtherance, he commends various delegations, amongst many, the Federal Government, including the Vice President, relevant members of National Assembly committees, the National Security Advisor (NSA), the Minister of Defense, Governors of the Northern Governors’ Forum, Chief of Army Staff and other notable public functionaries who visits to condole families of the deceased while commiserating with injured victims receiving treatments in various hospitals across Kaduna State.

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