Home News Anyone interested in the security of livestock should buy a piece of land and build a ranch – Yoruba Group

Anyone interested in the security of livestock should buy a piece of land and build a ranch – Yoruba Group

A group known as Yoruba Regional Alliance of Self-Determination has vehemently opposed the recently inaugurated Nomad Vigilante group by Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, labelling it as a dangerous precursor to anarchy.

Speaking at a press conference held in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, Chairman Bashorun Kunle Adesokan and Secretary Architect Opeoluwa Akinola delivered a resolute message titled “Timely Warning to Prevent an Impending Anarchy.” 

They cautioned the Federal Government against allowing such a group to operate, asserting that its establishment could sow chaos and disorder.

The Alliance underscored the unresolved issue of the perpetrators behind the attack on Igangan in Oyo State in 2021, expressing concern over the lack of accountability. 

They emphasized that individuals seeking to secure their livestock should opt for establishing ranches within designated areas rather than relying on roaming cattle culture.

Asserting the readiness of Yorubaland to defend its interests, the Alliance declared its outright rejection of the Nomad Vigilante group and warned against any attempts to deploy them within Yorubaland.

They recalled historical instances such as the “Operation Wetie” in the 1960s and the “June 12” crisis in the 1990s, citing them as examples of Yoruba resistance against external impositions.

The Alliance decried the potential ramifications of allowing the Miyetti Allah to endeavour to proceed, describing it as a recipe for chaos, anarchy, and bedlam. They highlighted the trained nature of the members of the vigilante group, cautioning that their deployment could exacerbate the culture of attacks on Yoruba people.

Concluding their address, the Alliance called for a dissolution of the Nigerian federation, advocating for each region to govern itself according to its own civilization. They reiterated their longstanding demand for the establishment of a separate Yoruba nation, viewing it as the path to enduring peace.


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