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80 percent of Ibeju Lekki Buildings Lack Approval – Lagos Govt

Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development in Lagos State, Dr. Oluyinka Olumide

The Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development in Lagos State, Dr Oluyinka Olumide, has disclosed that 80% of buildings in the Ibeju Lekki area have been constructed without proper approval.

This revelation is amidst growing concerns over the development and lack of adherence to urban planning regulations in one of Lagos’s fastest-growing corridors.

Speaking to reporters in a recent interview, Dr Olumide highlighted the rampant disregard for zoning regulations and approval processes in the area.

He emphasised that many individuals and developers are flouting the necessary procedures, resulting in the proliferation of unauthorised structures and estates.

The procedure to get approval is first to get the planning information as to what those areas have been zoned for, Olympics explained.

In this case, we have agricultural land, and people now go to their families to buy agricultural land. Of course, those lands would be sold because those families do not know the use such land would be put to.

Furthermore, the Commissioner emphasised the importance of obtaining fence and layout permits, which are essential for lawful development.

The next thing to do is the fence permit. If you missed the earlier information on not knowing the area zoning, at the point of getting the fence permit, you would be able to detect what the area is zoned for. After that, the layout permits a large expense of land follows.

He warned that failure to adhere to these procedures would result in denying permits, regardless of any prior investments made by individuals or developers.

So, you can see all these layers, but people still start advertising. Some have even gone to the extent of displaying the sizes they want to sell. Imagine someone in the diaspora who wants to send money without any knowledge. Then, no approval is eventually gotten. Even if they pass the assignment and the survey to them, we would not grant the individual permit because that area is not zoned for that purpose, he affirmed.

Echoing Dr. Olumide’s concerns, industry experts such as Jide Odusolu, CEO of Octo5 Holdings, pointed out how the master plan for the Lekki Peninsula had been distorted in recent years due to rapid development.

Odusolu highlighted the challenges faced by developers in complying with regulations while simultaneously bearing the burden of infrastructure development without adequate government support.

Meanwhile, Femi Oyedele, Managing Director of Fame at Oyster & Co. Nigeria, emphasised the urgent need for coordinated urban planning.

He called for demolishing unauthorised estates to make way for planned roads and infrastructure, drawing parallels with successful urban restoration projects in other cities.

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