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WWIII? U.S. Responds to Iran’s Attack on Israel

WWIII: U.S. Responds to Iran's Attack on Israel
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The United States Secretary, Anthony J. Blinken has released a statement of condemnation over Iran’s attack on Israel.

In full, the press release reads:

The United States condemns Iran’s attack on Israel in the strongest terms.  While we do not seek escalation, we will continue to support Israel’s defense, and as the President made clear, we will defend U.S. personnel.  I will be consulting with allies and partners in the region and around the world in the hours and days ahead.

He further slightly reiterated the same stance on his official X handle stating that

The United States condemns Iran’s attack on Israel.  As the President said, our commitment to Israel’s security against threats from Iran is ironclad.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Iran’s drone attack in retaliation follows Israel’s suspected airstrike on an Iranian diplomatic complex in Syria on April 1st, 2024, which reportedly killed one of its generals.

Iran launched over 300 missiles and drones toward Israel, targeting military sites in retaliation for earlier strikes by Israel, with over 90% reportedly shot down by the Iron Dome Interceptor.

The reprisal attack has marked a direct assault on Israel from Iran’s soil, marking a dangerous point to a full-blown regional war in the Middle-east.

However, Secretary Blinken had earlier maintained that an escalation by Iran would not benefit anyone in the region.

The US President, Joe Biden, in his condemnation of the attack, stated his assurances to convey to the G7 leaders to coordinate a united diplomatic response to Iran’s “brazen attack”.

While the US, in its ballistic defence operation siding with Israel, has helped repel Iran’s attack, there are reports of Biden informing Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of his stance in non-participation in offensive operations against Iran, in any event, to avoid Israel drawing the US into WWIII.

Following the attack on both sides, North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un, has ordered the military to raise its preparedness level to high alert.

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