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UAE’s Heavy Rainfall: Four Dead, Dubai Airport Affected

Recent heavy rains in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have claimed the lives of four individuals and wreaked havoc on infrastructure, including Dubai’s international airport, as reported by authorities on Friday.

The storm, which initially struck Oman and resulted in at least 20 fatalities, intensified as it swept across the UAE, bringing with it the most substantial rainfall recorded in 75 years.

Tragically, two Filipino women and one man lost their lives in their vehicles during flooding, while an elderly Emirati man met a similar fate after his vehicle was swept away by floodwaters in the northern Ras Al Khaimah emirate.


Dubai International Airport, a crucial hub for Middle Eastern travel, continues to grapple with flight disruptions, with 1,478 flights canceled since Tuesday, accounting for approximately 30% of all flights. The airport has implemented restrictions on arrivals until Sunday to manage the backlog.

Dubai’s highways remain partially closed, exacerbating traffic congestion, while reports from Sharjah in the UAE’s north indicate residents trapped in homes and extensive damage to businesses.

The unprecedented rainfall, with Al Ain receiving 254mm (10 inches) in less than 24 hours on Tuesday, shows the severity of the situation. Scientists attribute such extreme weather events to human-induced global warming, highlighting the urgent need for climate action.

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