Home News Finance Tesla Shareholders Approve Musk’s Huge $44 Billion Pay Package 

Tesla Shareholders Approve Musk’s Huge $44 Billion Pay Package 

Elon Musk's AI startup secures $6 billion for market growth

‍Tesla shareholders have approved Elon Musk’s massive compensation package, now worth $44 billion. Despite opposition from some large institutional investors and proxy firms, the proposal passed during the annual shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas.

Musk, on Friday, told the audience, 

If I weren’t optimistic, this wouldn’t exist, this factory wouldn’t exist.

His supporters responded with applause, emphasising the strong backing from individual investors.

However, the approval does not resolve ongoing legal challenges. The Delaware court previously invalidated the pay package, with the judge criticising Tesla’s board for being “beholden” to Musk. Legal experts anticipate further scrutiny and potential new lawsuits, given the concerns about the fairness of the process.

The compensation plan was initially approved in 2018. It ties Musk’s pay to Tesla’s performance and seeks to reward him with stock options worth billions. Critics argue that the targets were not as challenging as claimed and that the package reflects a board too closely aligned with Musk.

In addition to endorsing Musk’s pay, shareholders approved moving Tesla’s legal headquarters to Texas from Delaware. They also re-elected Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch to the board despite some opposition.

The board had urged shareholders to support the package, emphasising Musk’s pivotal role in Tesla’s growth.

At Tesla, he sets the agenda and pace, noted Georg Ell, former director of Western Europe at Tesla.

Yet, the economic context raises questions about the timing and scale of the pay deal. While Tesla’s stock has appreciated significantly, the company’s challenges and the broader economic climate make the hefty compensation package a point of contention.

While Musk’s pay package has received shareholder approval, the legal battles and criticisms remain ongoing.

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