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Sowore Introduces a Plot Twist in Aketi’s Death Saga

The Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, who spearheaded the “Resume or Resign” campaign against the late governor of Ondo state, has asked the people of the state to request the body of their late governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, to ascertain the time of death.

Sowore stated this during his interview with Arise News TV, saying that the ‘body language’ of Aketi’s wife and son is highly suspicious and may indicate that they have not been completely honest with the public about the circumstances surrounding his death. He said the initial news that Aketi had died in Germany turned out to be false and should be regarded as a grand plot designed by his family to loot public funds.

According to Sowore, how Betty had related with the current governor, the Ondo state lawmakers, and others in the past is inconsistent with her new attitude. She went as far as insulting people and calling them names and then proceeded to lie about where and possibly when the late governor died. Sowore claimed to have seen a statement issued by the family signed by “one Akeredolu junior” saying Aketi died in Germany, but the current governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has debunked it.

He said, “Basically what these people did – the wife, his son, and the political cabal in Ondo State – was just using his vulnerable condition to take their greed on the state, 5 million people. They’re just taking out money, forging signatures”.

Sowore has raised critical questions that demand not just answers but an actual investigation since the persons involved have exhibited duplicity, which means their words cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, the current Nigerian system will frustrate that idea and will either cop out by not addressing Sowore’s questions or claim that the people have no right to demand an inquest into the circumstances of how a public servant who died in active service passed away, citing ‘privacy’ issues.

The situation also highlights how much the current laws about governance have to evolve to prevent the occurrence of elected officials holding on to power when they are incapable of discharging their duties, leading to their families exploiting public funds in their names. It happened with the late President Musa Yar’adua. That it happened again with Rotimi Akeredolu is terrible, and further occurence must be prevented.

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