Home News Shettima Blames Obi, Atiku for APC Failures

Shettima Blames Obi, Atiku for APC Failures

Shettima Blames Obi, Atiku for APC Failures

Kashim Shettima has accused Peter Obi of the Labour Party and Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party of being responsible for the economic hardship, insecurity, and food inflation following their defeat in the last general election.

Speaking at a conference on Tuesday on Public Wealth Management in Abuja, Shettima alleged that the opposition leaders have resorted to desperate measures, including smuggling food out of the country to trigger food price hikes and plunge the nation into chaos.

Forces are hell-bent on plunging this country into a state of anarchy. Those who could not get to power through the ballot box, instead of waiting till 2027, are so desperate, says Shettima.

While Shettima refrained from mentioning names, his remarks came after the opposition leaders criticized the current administration for failing to fix the economic and security challenges faced by Nigeria.

However, the 10th Senate assembly had its security policies on ‘State Policing’ passed a second reading, yet Peter Obi had urged the Tinubu-led administration to provide measures to secure the lives of citizens while the state policing passed through the legislative process.

He further adds, “We have to make this country work. We have to move beyond politics. We are now in the face of governance. Sadly, some of our countrymen are still in the political mode.”

Meanwhile, the increment in prices of food items, fuel, and naira to dollar rate continues to soar high amidst incessant killings and kidnappings-for-ransom in the nation.

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