Home News Sheik Gumi Volunteers to Negotiate with Terrorists’ Release of 287 Abducted Schoolchildren

Sheik Gumi Volunteers to Negotiate with Terrorists’ Release of 287 Abducted Schoolchildren

Sheik Gumi Volunteers to Negotiate with Terrorists' Release of 287 Abducted Schoolchildren

Sheik Ahmad Gumi, the Kaduna-based Islamic cleric has volunteered with the Federal Government of Nigeria to facilitate negotiations with terrorists colloquially known as ‘bandits’ over the release of the 287 abducted schoolchildren.

Gumi in an interview with Leadership Newspaper on Tuesday, made it known that he is ready to negotiate with the bandits at government notice. He added, “It is his religious duty to seek peace with bandits.”

However, the 287 schoolchildren abduction in Kuriga environs in Kaduna State, an act which is considered terrorism under the TERRORISM (PREVENTION) ACT, 2011 ACT has been condemned by the authorities and Human Rights Organizations within and outside the country because it echoes the mass abduction of over 200 girls of Chibok in 2014.

The cleric further adds that he hoped the Tinubu administration would listen to hold negotiations with bandits as the previous administration of Muhammadu Buhari refused to do so.

I am ready to lead a holistic dialogue between the government and the bandits. It is a religious duty for me to seek peace, says Gumi.

Gumi in his interest in the terrorist negotiator role, has advised that the government should hold dialogue not only for the 287 schoolchildren in Kuriga but others.

“Also, the government should use the same approach it used in releasing passengers that were abducted on the Abuja-Kaduna train in 2022 to release the Kuriga schoolchildren and others,” says Gumi.

Meanwhile, the approach suggested by Gumi in the 2022 country terrorism report by the US Department of States reveals, “On March 28, suspected terrorists attacked a passenger train on the Abuja-Kaduna route of the state-run Nigeria Railway Corporation.  News reports said eight persons were killed in the attack, and 62 were kidnapped, though some suspect the number was far higher.  All kidnap victims were eventually released, many after their families paid ransom.”

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