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Resignation galore, as political crises deepen in Rivers

Rivers State Assembly Fubara

The political landscape of Rivers State was rattled by a sudden cascade of resignations as more commissioners, including the earlier reported Attorney General, have stepped down from their positions in Governor Siminalayi Fubara’s administration.

This exodus from the cabinet has stirred speculation and concern over the stability of the current government.

The wave of resignations began with the Attorney General’s departure, swiftly followed by Commissioners for Special Projects, Works, Social Welfare, and Finance among others. 

Chief Chukwuemeka Woke, the Commissioner for Special Projects, cited personal philosophy and professional ethics as the impetus behind his resignation. 

Dr. Dakorima George Kelly, the Commissioner for Works, echoed a similar sentiment, stating that his decision stemmed from introspection and a sense of duty to his conscience.

The Commissioner for Social Welfare and Rehabilitation tendered her resignation due to personal reasons and a need to attend to pressing commitments outside of the government.

Meanwhile, Hon. Issac Kamalu, the Finance Commissioner, departed without offering explicit reasons for withdrawing from the cabinet.

Each resignation letter echoed appreciation for the opportunity to serve the state and well wishes for the administration’s success. 

However, Professor Chinedu Mmom, the Commissioner for Education, and the Attorney General, Mr. Adangor, emphasized that their decisions were purely personal.

The sudden exodus of key figures from the state administration has sparked widespread speculation about the underlying causes driving these abrupt departures. 

Concerns over the potential impact on the governance and continuity of crucial projects within the state have surfaced among both political observers and the public.

Governor Siminalayi Fubara’s response to these resignations and the subsequent steps to fill these vacated positions will be closely watched as the state navigates through this political shake-up. 

The ramifications of these resignations on the state’s political landscape remain uncertain, leaving a sense of anticipation and curiosity among the citizens of Rivers and Nigerians.

As the state braces for what might follow, questions loom large about the possible motivations and implications behind this mass exodus from the governor’s cabinet, leaving the political sphere in Rivers State in a state of flux.

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