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Presidential Fleet vs. Homes: A Call for Prioritizing People Over Luxury


The Nuwalege community in Abuja is set to lose about 200 homes to make way for the Presidential Fleet, stirring shock and concern amidst the nation’s economic challenges. At a time when over 100 million citizens face poverty, the decision to displace residents for luxury aircraft prompts questions about national priorities.

People First: The Human Cost of Displacement

Expressing dismay on Twitter, Presidential candidate Peter Obi urges a shift in focus. He suggests reconsidering the need for the Presidential Fleet to minimize costs. Redirecting funds from luxury to essential projects can alleviate hardships for Nigerians affected by the impending demolition.

Rethinking Governance: A Call for People-Centric Policies

This discourse advocates for a people-centric approach to governance. Obi emphasizes that a democratically elected government should prioritize citizens over maintaining extravagant amenities. As poverty levels surge, reassessing national expenditure becomes crucial to address the plight of the less privileged.

Smart Governance: Navigating Economic Challenges with Prudent Choices

True national growth, according to Obi, lies in committing to the well-being of the people. Sustaining a luxurious lifestyle for the ruling elite at the expense of citizens’ basic needs is neither sustainable nor justifiable. A nation’s development hinges on uplifting its populace, not subjecting them to avoidable inconveniences.

The impending demolition of Nuwalege prompts a crucial conversation about values. Peter Obi’s call for responsible governance reflects a broader plea for a commitment to the prosperity of all Nigerians.


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