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Police allegedly arrest about 150 people in Kuchigoro, FCT Abuja


A police division in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, allegedly arrested about 150 people in the Kuchigoro area of the FCT on Sunday, 18 February 2024.

According to a post on X by @abujastreets, the people were arrested and detained at the Guzape Abattoir station. They were denied access to their family or lawyers, while those whose families were allowed access had to pay for it.

“A group of policemen raided the homes of over 150 people yesterday in Kuchigoro in Area 1 and arrested all of them, men and women. Some were dragged out of their beds, some from the bathrooms, and some people playing football on their turf, bundled all and taken to Guzape Abattoir station. 

“They’ve refused access to lawyers and even their families unless their families pay them between 1K – 3K before they can see them,” the post said. 

Family members of some of the victims said those arrested were going about their business when they were apprehended for no reason. According to the wife of one of the men arrested, her husband had just gotten back from work when he stepped out to purchase something within the neighbourhood when the Police picked him up.  

“My name is Mrs Bwala. My husband was arrested on Sunday. He went to work on Saturday, worked through the night and returned on Sunday evening. On his way to buy a card, they picked him up at a POS stand, and there was no reason. I had access to him only yesterday to give him food, and I paid N1,000 before I could,” she said in a video posted on X.

A lady identified as Blessing said she has been unable to see her father in the police station even though she has been going there since he was arrested. “My name is Blessing, and my father is also involved in the case. He went out to buy something, and they arrested and detained him for no reason. I have been unable to see him, and I’ve been coming to the police station since Sunday. 

According to one @Ridwanullahii on X, the arrested persons were arraigned before an Area 3 Mobile Court yesterday. The Police are yet to make a statement concerning the issue.

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