Home Business NMGS Urges FG to Stop Lip Service and Tap Mining Sector for Economic Growth

NMGS Urges FG to Stop Lip Service and Tap Mining Sector for Economic Growth

The Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) has called on the government to harness the potential of the mining sector to engage young people and boost the nation’s economy.

Speaking ahead of the Society’s 59th Annual International Conference and Exhibition (AICE) in Jos, Plateau State, Professor Akinade Olatunji, President of NMGS, emphasized the need to reposition the sector.

Professor Olatunji highlighted the detrimental effects of indiscriminate mining activities on the country’s resources. He stressed the importance of implementing relevant laws to curb illegal mining and differentiate it from artisanal mining, which utilizes crude implements.

Addressing the issue of illegal mining, Professor Olatunji said, “We have the law, and it is very clear. The law must be implemented.”

He called for investment in strengthening manpower, training, and equipping the Mining Inspectorate offices to effectively enforce regulations.

“We have said that one of the weak points that prevents the enforcement of the law is the lack of adequate manpower. If the government first strengthen the manpower, trained the manpower, and gave them the mobility to be able to move, things would improve.


“We should stop paying lip service to this but put our money where our mouth is by investing heavily in retooling and equipping the Mining Inspectorate offices”, he said.

Furthermore, Professor Olatunji emphasized the need for technological solutions to monitor the sector and prevent revenue loss. He urged the government to invest in retooling and equipping mining facilities, suggesting that employment opportunities for jobless individuals could enhance sectoral performance and deter illegal activities.

According to him, the upcoming conference is themed “Emerging Global Perspectives, Trends, and Sustainable Development of Minerals and Energy Resources” and will explore various sub-themes, including unlocking the wealth creation potential of artisanal and small-scale mining, renewable energy opportunities and challenges, and water resource management.

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