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Monkey Gangs Seize Control of Thai Tourist Town, Police Armed with Tranquilizer Guns


Tourists visiting Lopburi, a popular destination 90 miles north of Bangkok, Thailand, might be surprised by their new form of welcome – a slingshot-wielding police officer. The town, once known for playful monkey interactions, is now facing a macaque menace.

These primates have become increasingly aggressive, attacking tourists, stealing food, and vandalizing property. To combat this “monkey business,” local authorities have established a special unit armed with slingshots and tranquilizer guns.

Police Take Aim at Monkey Menace

Police Major General Apirak Wechkanchana, commander of Lopburi Provincial Police, acknowledges the growing danger posed by the monkeys. “They have started to pose a threat to tourists and locals,” he stated. The slingshots are intended as deterrents, but officers are authorized to use rocks as projectiles in extreme situations.

Capture Efforts and Cunning Creatures

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation has also joined the fight. They’ve captured some of the worst offenders, relocating them to temporary shelters. However, tranquilizer guns have proven ineffective, with monkeys recognizing and evading them. “We had to hide our faces and conceal the tranquilizer guns so the monkeys wouldn’t see them,” revealed Nathi Krutthaka, a Conservation Bureau Officer. Their efforts did manage to capture the infamous leader, “Ai Krao,” after subduing him with a sedative dart.

A Delicate Balance: Tourism vs. Safety

While the monkeys are a tourist draw, their recent behavior has raised concerns. Lopburi officials are caught in a balancing act – maintaining tourism revenue while ensuring public safety. The Thai government is implementing broader solutions, including sterilization programs, public education, and habitat relocation, to manage the macaque population across the country.

Will slingshots and relocation efforts be enough to tame the monkey mayhem in Lopburi? Only time will tell if peace can be restored between tourists, townsfolk, and the town’s trickier residents.

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