Home News Monarch Killings: They were killed because they resisted “Fulani Bandits” – Alara of Ara Èkìtì

Monarch Killings: They were killed because they resisted “Fulani Bandits” – Alara of Ara Èkìtì

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Two revered Yorùbá monarchs, His Royal Highness Onimojo of Imojo, Ọba Olatunde Samuel Olusola, and His Royal Highness Elesun of Esun, Ọba David Babatunde Ogunsona, were brutally murdered by suspected Fulani Bandits on January 29,  the Third, Alara of Ara His Royal Highness Ọba Adebayo Fatoba narrowly escaped the same fate, he narrated the scene in a recent interview.

Alara of Ara, Ọba Fatoba, who witnessed the heinous acts but managed to evade death, in an interview, shed light on what led to the killings. He disclosed that the murdered monarchs, alongside himself, were actively involved in campaigns against the growing menace of Fulani banditry in their domains.

“The Ọbas were killed because of their involvement in various open and secret meetings to ward off the growing Fulani killings of innocent people in their domain. The murdered Ọbas and myself were outstanding in fundraising and campaigning to rid the area of terrorists and armed invaders,” he said.

He mentioned that the tragic incident occurred following a security meeting summoned in response to a recent killing in the area. The Alara recounted the events leading up to the attack, highlighting the concerted efforts made by the slain monarchs and their allies to address the escalating threat posed by armed Fulani groups.

The community, comprising 25 localities in Ikole Local Government, had established a Security Committee chaired by Alara of Ara, with Onimojo of Imojo serving as Vice Chairman. Their primary objective was to safeguard their ancestral lands against the encroachment of Fulani armed men.

He described the attackers as wielding AK47 guns, pump-action rifles, and daggers, indicating a well-organised and heavily armed group. He dispelled rumours of supernatural escape, asserting that he fled for his life upon encountering the armed assailants, narrowly escaping their lethal barrage.

The pervasive threat of Fulani banditry in the region has been a longstanding concern, as articulated by Chief Abejide Kehinde, the Akogun of Irele Èkìtì. He recounted how armed groups had entrenched themselves in the area over the past decade, perpetrating kidnappings and senseless killings.

The Ikoro forest has been mentioned as a stronghold for the assailants and was underscored by accounts of different residences detailing numerous instances of abductions and ransom demands originating from the region.

Meanwhile, another onslaught had claimed the life of another prominent Oba, Onikoro of Ikoro, His Royal Highness, Ọba Segun Aremu (Rtd General) and his wife was abducted. These incidents have sent shockwaves throughout the Yorùbá community.

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