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Ministry Of Interior Misses Travel Vlogger’s Sarcasm, Claims Nigerian Passport Now Integrated On ICAO, PKD, PKI To Enhance Security

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Travel vlogger Tayo Aina Films recently ignited a heated debate on X after highlighting the challenges Nigerian passport holders face while travelling.

Aina, who shared his personal experiences in a now-deleted post on X, spoke about the discrimination while travelling with a Nigerian passport, including an accusation of drug smuggling in Ethiopia, and pointed out the limited access granted by the passport to only 27 countries.

The post quickly divided opinions among social media users. Some echoed Aina’s concerns, acknowledging the real obstacles faced by Nigerian passport holders.

They argued that discussing these issues is crucial for raising awareness and driving change.

“It’s important to shed light on the realities we face,” an X user noted, emphasising the need for broader recognition of passport discrimination.

On the other hand, critics accused Aina of sensationalism and damaging Nigeria’s reputation.

“Why tarnish the image of our country?” questioned a detractor, suggesting that Aina’s motives were questionable.

Some critics even challenged his credibility, disputing his claim of needing $150,000 for passport-related expenses.

Despite the backlash, many individuals shared their personal travel experiences. Some reported smooth travels and attributed occasional discrimination to external factors such as media portrayal or rumours.

Others, however, stressed the necessity of promoting Nigeria positively while acknowledging the passport’s limitations.

Amid the debate, Aina received encouragement from supporters who valued his efforts to raise awareness. They emphasised the importance of addressing the challenges faced by Nigerian passport holders while continuing to inspire through travel content.

The controversy took a new twist when the Ministry of Interior responded to the issue.

In a reply to the post, the Ministry of Interior claimed that Nigerian passports have now been integrated into the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Public Key Directory (PKD) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This integration aims to enhance the security and readability of Nigerian passports, addressing previous challenges where passports were often “unreadable” at international borders.

“The integration into the ICAO PKD and PKI will ensure Nigerians enjoy a smoother and more secure travel experience,” the Ministry posted.

They explained that unreadable passports meant electronic systems and visual inspection methods at border controls could not accurately access or verify information.

The Ministry’s response was met with mixed reactions. Some critics found the announcement off-key, arguing that it did not directly address the discrimination highlighted by Aina.

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