Home News Mali’s Junta decision to halt political parties stirs ‘deep concern’ in Washington

Mali’s Junta decision to halt political parties stirs ‘deep concern’ in Washington

Mali's Junta decision to halt political parties stirs 'deep concern' in Washington

The United States has expressed “deep concern” over Mali’s junta leader, Lt. Col. Assimi Goita’s decree halting political party activities.

The decree that piqued Washington’s interest was announced on Wednesday evening on state television “based on maintaining public order,” says the government spokesperson, Abdoulaye Maiga.

Mali’s failure to organise polls within the promised 24 months to ease the transition from a military back to democracy (civilian rule) has created “deep concern” for Washington.

“We are deeply concerned about the Malian transition government’s decree suspending all political activities until further notice,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters at a regular news briefing.

“We call on Mali’s transition government to honour its commitments to its citizens and hold free elections.”

Mali’s current junta, Lt. Col. Assimi Goita, seized power in 2021 and promised to restore civilian rule by March 26, 2024, following a February election.

In September last year, Goita promised to “indefinitely postpone” the February elections for technical reasons, which sparked outrage among political groups.

The junta’s continuous rule has led major political parties and civil society groups to call for elections.

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