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Linux Foundation Launches Open Platform for Enterprise AI to Drive Interoperability, Collaboration


The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with Cloudera, Intel, and other industry leaders, has unveiled the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA) initiative. This project aims to drive the development of open, interoperable, and modular generative AI systems for enterprise use.

Under the auspices of the Linux Foundation’s LF AI and Data organisation, OPEA seeks to facilitate the creation of robust and scalable AI systems that leverage the best open source innovations. Ibrahim Haddad, the executive director of LF AI and Data, emphasised OPEA’s mission to foster collaboration and innovation within the AI and data communities through a neutral and open governance model. As

With support from companies like Intel, IBM-owned Red Hat, Hugging Face, Domino Data Lab, MariaDB, and VMware, OPEA aims to enable the development of advanced AI toolchains and compilers optimised for different hardware components. Additionally, the initiative will focus on building heterogeneous pipelines for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a technique gaining popularity in enterprise AI applications.

RAG allows AI models to access information beyond their training data, expanding their knowledge base to improve responses and tasks. By referencing external data sources, such as proprietary company data or public databases, RAG models can generate more informed and contextually relevant outputs.

The launch of OPEA signals a concerted effort to advance interoperability and innovation in the enterprise AI space, paving the way for the development of more flexible and powerful AI solutions.

A diagram explaining RAG models. Image Credits: Intel
A diagram explaining RAG models. Image Credits: Intel

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