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Lesser Smartphone Demands: Apple Faces Global Sales Decline


Apple’s latest financial report has revealed a concerning trend as sales drop in nearly every market worldwide, except for Europe.

The tech giant disclosed that smartphone demand lessened by over 10% in the first quarter of this year, contributing to an overall 4% revenue decline to $90.8 billion. Despite the downturn, Apple’s stock saw an uptick in after-hours trading, signalling cautious investor optimism.

The company attributed the sales dip to disruptions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which had led to unexpectedly robust sales during the same period last year.

Apple anticipates a return to growth in the coming months, citing upcoming product launches and investments in artificial intelligence.

Notably, sales in the critical, more significant Chinese market also experienced an 8% decline, although iPhone sales within mainland China increased. CEO Tim Cook remains optimistic about Apple’s prospects in China amidst fierce competition from local rivals like Huawei.

Analysts have highlighted the need for significant innovation in Apple’s handset offerings. They cite the lack of notable improvements since the iPhone 12 launch. In addition to sales challenges, Apple faces legal hurdles, including an anti-monopoly lawsuit in the US targeting its partnership with Google. Court filings reveal the substantial payments Apple receives from Google for making it the default search engine on Safari, which amounted to approximately $20 billion in 2022.

Despite these challenges, Apple remains financially robust, with flat pre-tax profits of $28 billion for the quarter and plans to allocate $110 billion for share buybacks. The company forecasts modest sales growth in the upcoming quarter, particularly in its services business, offering more detailed guidance than usual.

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