Home Security Bombing at Eastern Congo Refugee Camp Kills Five Including Children

Bombing at Eastern Congo Refugee Camp Kills Five Including Children

Eastern Congo

A bomb exploded at the Mugunga refugee camp in North Kivu, eastern Congo, killing at least five people, including children, and injuring over 20 others on Friday.

A source told Associated Press that the bombing killed two children plus their mother and injured more than 20 people.

The spokesperson for the Congolese army, Lt. Colonel Ndjike Kaiko, attributed the bombing to the rebel group M23 in a statement released to the Associated Press. M23 is known to have ties with Rwanda.

In contrast, M23’s spokesperson, Lt. Col. Willy Ngoma, refuted the allegations, accusing the Congolese army of staging the attack to tarnish the group’s image.

The bombing coincides with M23’s recent capture of Rubaya, a mining town known for its tantalum deposits, which are used to manufacture smartphones.

Eastern Congo has been the centre of ongoing conflicts over the control of mineral-rich territories, contributing to one of the world’s most severe humanitarian crises.

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