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Katsina: Terrorists In Women’s Outfit Abduct 26

Terrorists Women Katsina

Terrorists disguised in women’s dresses have kidnapped 26 people in Katsina State. They attacked the Runka community over the weekend, mostly taking women and children, Vanguard reported.

A resident reported that the terrorists abducted 10 females and two males from his house alone, adding to a total of 26 kidnappings.

He blamed local informants for aiding the terrorists, revealing that one of the attackers was heard chatting with an informant, saying, “Today we’ve come to your hometown.” The informant’s identity remains unknown.

Abdullahi Sani Safana, Chairman of Safana Local Government Area, confirmed the kidnapping, stating that 22 locals were taken, but some managed to escape. He explained that the terrorists wore Abayas (women’s dress) to surprise the community.

He said the local DPO and soldiers have started a rescue mission.

Abduljalal Haruna Runka, Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly, expressed dismay over the lack of information about the terrorists’ movements, which he said used to be available.

“They just appeared in the middle of the night. We are going back to the drawing board to analyse the situation, to know why we couldn’t get the information,” he said.

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