Home News Just In: Court Orders Emir Sanusi To Leave Kofar Kudu Palace For Bayero

Just In: Court Orders Emir Sanusi To Leave Kofar Kudu Palace For Bayero


A Federal High Court in Kano has ordered the eviction of the reinstated Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, from the Emir’s Palace in Kofar Kudu. Justice S. A. Amobeda delivered the court’s ruling, directing the police to restore all rights and privileges due to deposed Emir Aminu Bayero.

The court’s decision came after an ex-parte motion filed by Aminu Bayero, recently deposed by Governor Abba Yusuf following the repeal of a law that had created additional emirates in the state. Justice Amobeda stated that the order was made to maintain peace and justice in Kano.

The judge’s order prohibited the Nigeria Police Force, the Inspector General of Police, the Commissioner of Police in Kano, and other respondents from denying Bayero access to his official residence at the Emir’s Palace. The court also restrained these entities from arresting, detaining, or harassing Bayero and ensured that he enjoyed all rights and privileges as the Emir of Kano.

Emir Sanusi Bayero
Court Order


The case, which has the Attorney General of the Federation, the Attorney General of Kano State, and various security agencies as defendants, has been adjourned to June 4, 2024, for further hearing.

The ruling conflicts with a previous order from a Kano State High Court that had directed security agents not to remove Sanusi from the palace. This previous order had been issued by Judge Amina Aliyu, who had also directed the police to evict Bayero from the mini palace in Nasarawa GRA, where he had moved following his deposition.

This legal tussle follows the decision by the Kano State House of Assembly to repeal the law that had established additional emirates, leading to Bayero’s deposition and Sanusi’s reinstatement. Since then, conflicting court orders have heightened the uncertainty surrounding the leadership of the Kano Emirate.

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